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Photographers are more than welcome at The Exeter Corn Maze.

We offer so many beautiful backdrops and scenery for a variety of amazing photos. 


Each season before our gates open we offer families and photographers the opportunity to visit and take some

AMAZING photos in our sunflower fields for FREE!

Free Dates will be posted on Social Media - Make sure your follow us so you don't miss your chance.


Sunflower fields will be available during our regular season. 

 General admission will be required.


Our first sunflower field is targeted to be in peak bloom around August with multiple fields following through October.


We do our best to keep our guests notified of when our fields are at their peak beauty so you can get those bright shots.

The Sunflower Field Hours vary and are dependant upon the weather and blooming stage of the flowers. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for seasonal information.



Regular Business Hours Only


No reservations required.


General Admission will be required to enter the attraction.


We allow photography to be taken anywhere as long as it does not affect our other guests.


To visit the pumpkin patch a short wagon ride will be required, once you have arrived spend as much time as you need to get your best shot.


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